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The latest family drama comes in the form of a summons. For the last year or so, the radio station has been caught in the middle of a funeral war. There are two companies in the area that deal with the dead and one of them is trying to sue my family's radio station because, get this:

1.Having their competitors on the air.
2.During the same time slots.
3.Having lost business from general confusion between the two funeral homes.

In other words, he's got nothing. I looked over the papers and lol'd at all the typos (like sueing my dad's radio persona and the incorrect business name). No radio station has ever been sued over this crap. He's demanding $10,000 and saying that the station took money (he never paid his bill to begin with) and wasn't satisfied with the results (which he never communicated to anyone other than in his own little world). The funeral board approved of their competitor's ad and he's been trying to sue the other company ever since then. Now he's targetting the radio station, hoping for better results.

I guess Feb.11th is the date they're going to deal with this in small claims court. I'm thinking of attending and having a good time.
Counter sue anyone?
Never a dull moment in small town bullshit.


My journal is currently underconstruction. Every change in season, while people are battling colds, I'm busy with a bug of my own.
I don't know what it is about winter, guess my mind only "hibernates" in summer, when the body is too busy running around.

About this new journal, I'm still playing around with it, even doing something simular on my facebook page.
It's actually screencaps I took from my copy of the movie "Goemon".
I saw part of it once when it first came out, so when I saw it on the shelves of a store, I grabbed it. I have this nasty habit of buying things and then not watching or playing them for like... another year. No idea what's up with that.

Thanks to a friend coming all the way over and hanging out, we watched it and I started kicking myself for not watching it at least a handful of times before then. Guess I need an occassion to do so. They say drinking by yourself is sad, well.. I feel like popping in a dvd is about the same. I can watch movies on tv and find is normal, but.. with a dvd, it's like going to the movies, only you can cuddle up with someone more comfortably xD

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[Kit-Report]-Week 1

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Day 7:

Whisp has fully accepted Jackson and now greets the older cat with nose-kisses. Zappa is finally enjoying pets. Both love being under blankets or laying on fresh laundry. Usually found on top of the dresser.

Status: Less scared, more curious.


[Thus Far...]-A tale of two kittens.

I have these two little things called "kittens" living with me now (though I have three full-grown cats). 12/10/12, I got a call just short of 10pm from Pizza Barn, telling me they caught them by complete accident... in the trash. On the way to the dumpster, they were discovered in the nasty plastic bag full of food ><

I drove up and found they had been moved into a plastic bin that was fogged up by their breath. I scolded the morons I call ex co-workers for not giving them much air, and then put the kittens into the carrier I had brought (which is small dog-sized).

We drove home and I immediately took out the boy when I got there. I wanted to give him a bath, but he got loose from my hold and I had to chase him down to the spare room, trapping him under/behind the couch. At that point, he was wild and crazed and had been taught (well by his mother) to be feral. So.. of course he bit me. Several times.

Not good, not good.
Back into the carrier they went, into the bathroom with food and water. In the morning, I checked on them and improved their situation with a mini-litter box. Surprisingly, there was room for one in there, then I went to work. After work, I came back and tried to play with them, taking an old shoe lace and tossing it into the carrier. I left the door open, too but they never came out, even when I left the room. Anyway, I had to get ready for the dinner the Education and Cultural Foundation was putting on and left them in the carrier once more, but in my room instead of the bathroom.

Time passed and I came home to find they had used the litter box, but now my room smelled! Ugh.. after spraying with a new scent and getting the tough weeding gloves, I took the boy on and gave him a bath. He was totally calm because I remembered something. Fussy kits need to be held by their scruff like their mama would to show them who's boss. It doesn't hurt what-so-ever, in fact it releases endorphines. So I held that and bathed him. His sister was about the same.

Now, they're able to roam my room, get to know what kind of setting they'll be looking at for their new home, if they don't end up being my cats first. Already, they're doing well, but have this habit of hiding under my bed. They hide/lived under the dumpster and wooden boards at Pizza Barn, so the next step is to get them used to sleeping on a bed, which I had them do with me for about two hours, under my bathrobe, above the sheets and laying on my tummy.

So cute! >///<
And I thank my older cats for not scratching at the door, wondering why I've temporarily kicked them out.


[Work]-You Amuse Me These Days

Today was a full day for me. I really do work alot, but I don't have to run my ass off like I did at Pizza Barn. Mentally, I'm exhasted, but not today, even though I had many things going on at once + overtime.
First, the maintenance man called me over to see that he caught a skunk that's been running around the grounds. Once he lifted the towel, I started laughing. He caught a black cat and totally pulled a Peppy Le Pew. xD
Now he needs to paint a white stripe down her back..

Then I got called over to my boss' house, which is on the property to scan paperwork onto her computer. Thousands of papers spanning 5 hours, it was insane. Then I took a break and went down to the station to take pictures since Obi-wan and I are working on their website. After that, I returned, finished scanning and left to stop by one of the churches to take pictures for that website, before finally coming home.
It's just amazing to see my time card when I punch out these days. I was lucky to get 20 hours a week at Pizza Barn, now it's 45+ a week and a hundred times better. Yeah, I love where I work <3

And I can't wait for Friday! My sister is coming tomorrow and then she, mom and I are heading to Disneyland and Hollywood! ..not that I haven't been there a million times before, but I'm happy all the same ^^ Here's hoping I'll find more things to add to my costume!


I made a 40 slide Power Point today. I had some fun once I stopped complicating things and found a good formula for the layouts. My boss even checked it out and approved it. Obi-Wan returns to work tomorrow, so I'll have him take a look at it, but I think it's done after a few more tweaks.


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[Naples]-"Beautiful Ocean Bright" ♪

I've dreamed of this for a long time, driving in the middle of the night to be where I want to live.. Only in my dreams, I was running away.
Speaking of driving at night, while I was in the canyons, I saw bats, owls, a raccoon, mice... and I think I ran one over >< My first roadkill.
I thought I'd feel bad about it, and part of me does, but I know the little guy didn't die in vain. No, he'll be dinner for something else for sure.
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The reason I write as often as I do is so that I don't go out like neglected cinders. I write not to impress anyone, just to reach out in the only way I can. And it's really motivating when I hear back from readers, whether they can relate to me or not.Read more...Collapse )

Those are my thoughts.
...now I'm hungry

This is a band from Sweden. They've got talented musicians with amazing skills, if they didn't I wouldn't be posting this. I highly suggest you take the time to check them out. Please listen to their music, but if you're into stalking, most of them have facebook and twitter accounts.. have fun with that. xD They speak English, so there won't be any language barriers.

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